Most precious things in life come in small packages. Value yourself to the highest, you are precious.


Happiness is not a destination, it is the way of life! The truth of the matter is: happiness is the state of mind. It all depends how strong your goal is, how much you can flex, expand and achieve.



When the caterpillar hibernates, it gathers all its energy to transform into a beatiful butterfly which teaches him to face the changes of life which we call the seasons of life.

Life is not about milestone, it is the moment that impact the change in our life.

Some people come in your life for a reason, some fr a season and some for lifetime, we always learn from our experiences.

Dust we are, dust we shall return. We are made up of earth particle which is made up of trace minerals and so it plays a very important role into our daily life. It is essential that we vibrate with the earth minerals to be healthy.


Distraction is a diversion from our energy path, it leads to temptation and temptation is a test for virtue. Build your own dreams, put effot to make them come true, without digging into your future credit or else you will spend all your life working for someone to make their dreams come true. Let past be your lesson, present your teacher and save most of your energy in the future because you are spending the rest of your life there.

Different outside, but same inside.

A tortoise and an elephant have different shape and size. But both follow a wise lifestyle. They have a good memory, love nature, walk slow and steady, breathe very slowly, always alert and live the longest. Haste makes waste and creates stress.

He is wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoice for the things which he possess.

It is not the the strongest of species that survive not the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change in a positive way.

We are mind body spirit. All three have to be fed by the respective energies. When all three are aligned, we feel good and we posses good health.

handswh2Be the reawakening of one's awareness and understanding of the NOW KNOW MYSELF - The Breath Each One Is.

Exhale to feel lighter. Invoke the power within you and use it with wisdom which comes with experience.

Relax you are your own responsibility of your health and your lifestyle. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Insanity is using the same formula and getting the same results. Change the formula.

Every problem has a solution Every Disease can be put at ease. With conscious effor and proper guidanace, your feelngs is your sensor to your body.


Life is not about milestones, it is about moments that impact the change in our life.

Life is a choice between what-if or as-if, it is a state of mind.

The greatest satellite and the strongest effect in transmission it has on the human mind is the moon.

Prevention is better than cure and health is wealth

Health begins with Heal and wellness deals with stress free therapy.

The difference between organic and inorganic food is the presence of number of carbon molecule. The similarities between a diamond and a coal is carbon molecule. The only difference between two is it all depends on the structure, the formation and the processing time for it to gain value. A diamond takes longer to form spotless. It takes diamond to cut a diamond, it takes a rock under high pressure to transform water into crystal.

Experience is the best teacher, only the fees are too high. Knowledge is all that remains when all that you have studied has been forgotten. No certification in this world comes with a working manual. Every studies evolve everyday, we call it evolution.

Live up to your liver who is in charge of all the muscles emotions. The greatest muscle of all it takes care is you heart. So we call the liver mother of the heart. ~ Kiniseology

Heart and earth have the same word. The arrangement is different. They have the same sense organ the ear which is very important for the balance of our body. The color green is the color for earth and the heart. It has a frequency and a wavelength and it has to vibrate with the same beat in the ear.


Be solid as a rock and clear as crystal.



Life Coaching of Transformation of lifestyle, habits and attitude.


If only mind was located in the body today we would have found the answer to dis-ease.


These are some of Eulalia De Souza's advanced Certifications after University degree in Chemistry Major(B.Sc):

Kiniseology touch for health  by Dr John F. Thie.

Practioner of Tachyon therapist certified by Dr Ramesh trauma surgeon.

Certified practioner clinical hypnotherapist with Neurolinguistic Programming, NLHP .

Certified therapist with Jin Shin Jyutsu. Five years integrated research study.


Quantum Theory:  When Two waves meet, they will combine to create a magnetic field whose sum is greater than the whole of its parts and carries a wealth of information

There will never be another now- I'll make the most of today. There will never be another me- I'll make the most of myself.

Life is a Matter and matter is a energy which can be transformed into different states

Prevention is better than cure, awareness puts us in a present state of mind. The choice depends on the individual. Life is a climb. Health begins with Heal and consciousness gives us directions.

Angel Gabriel Wellness Center's Eulalia De Souza, vibrates towards higher wisdom of consciousness by taking a quantum leap and joining the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) founded by Dr. Paul Drouin, for a PhD program in Integrative Medicine.

Th e Aura of Angel Gabriel Wellness Center helps Energy Imbalances of the Mind, Body and Spirit by using principles based on Holistic and Alternative Wellness Therapies and frequency balancing techniques with biofeedback and SCENAR working with the conscious and sub conscious mind helping to vibrate in the joy of receiving what you want . 

Energy is created where thought flows. Release the doubts you will experience it.

The aim is to create a balance in the entire body and help us to live a healthy and disease-free life. Your health is precious and you are your own responsibility.




Remember, if you always look out for faults, you will never find proper answers. Open mind helps to have a relaxed state of health and fitness to carry on day to day life.








If you always stand up for your health, you will never fall for disease.



Change your habits, your attitude and your lifestyle to tune in to the abundance of the universe.







· Energy Balance is performed by Electromagnetic Acupressure at different pressure points on the body. We also perform natural face lift.

· Releasing energy conjunction on the different organ meridians of the body using techniques of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

· Harmonizing the energy level in the different cells, organs and blood through Biofeedback and Radionics method by using NLS (Non Linear Diagnostics System) system.

We also specialize in : -





NLH (Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy)





EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)




Lymphatic Drainage




Food and Muscle Testing through Kinesiology (Touch For Health)




Tachyon Integrated Science




Jin Shin Jyutsu ® Therapy




Color Therapy with Reflexograph





Crystal and Magnet Therapy

Research has proved stress is the killer disease. It stops us breathing joy of life.


The extreme pressures and challenges of daily life which we undergo causes confusion, stress and pressure and hinders the free flow of Energy.

Thus, Energy Healing occurs when the thoughts in our mind are clear and open and we have a free will to heal ourselves.

Angel Gabriel Wellness Center bares tribute to the memory of Gabriella, who passed away 18 years ago due to cancer.




Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.

Special thanks from Eulalia De Souza